What's wrong with motivation?
Each time I have a great idea at work, I stop working, I search for informations and then, when I'm home, I can't motivate myself to work.

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    You trained yourself that coming home means "no more work now".

    If you want to work after work, you need to do it even if you dislike it hard, thats the only way to get used to it. Successful people have the willpower to do stuff while would get away with not doing it.

    The good thing: you don't need to force yourself all the time. The first 10 minutes are the hardest, getting focused, getting into the "zone". And after some time it gets easier when you are used to it.

    Thats just how that complex biochemical system we call brain works.
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    I know that feel soo good

    but I have the feeling a lot of energy is drained after work,
    for some of the people here 8 hours seems to little, but for me it is quite a lot..
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    @CWins yeah you're probably right, because my school is a school where I can stay like all the day and all the night if I want, then I'm used to work a lot at school and when I come back home it's when I don't have anything to work on
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    Try crafting a “work space” at home and only use it when you’re working. Like a home office for example, don’t use it for goofing off. In your work space all you do is work.
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    @tofonion I live in parents' home so...
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    @Orionss oh yea, I totes understand. I have a lap desk for when I don’t feel like getting out of bed. You can make a “work space” anywhere. It’s just important that you condition yourself to be in the right mind set when you’re there.
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