I slowly relise that "modrn" developpers don't know a minimal things about programming (yes, i'm using "programming" instead of "evelopping")

They copy paste shit, it works. They resolve some problems it works.

But... They have have ZERO understading of what they are doing.

Just couple of days, got a discution with a person who is "Blazor expert". who will be paied 200$ / hour to find problem in current implementation. I KNOW there are problems because couple of them I introduced my self.

We at server side. I provided test logins, plus 10 page document explaining infrastracture.

One of his first question in interview : "Oh. I cannot see ajax calls in network in chrome".

WTF DUDE ? Do you even understand how server side blazor works ?!

Welp, he is hired. FOrt 120 hours.

I' want to see what he will present, as it's clear as day he doesn't know a thing about server side blazor architecture.

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    Not necessarily "modern", but the bar to entry has been lowered.
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    How the fuck do fucktards keep getting hired while i with actual knowledge and computer science degree cant get hired
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    @b2plane describing your potential colleagues as "fucktards" probably doesn't help.
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    @atheist all of them are fucktards including me and OPs post confirms it. But im the type of fucktard who says raw shit uncensored
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    What happened to your keyboard? Or what happened to you?
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    If I may point out - some learning places are also to blame for that. I attended one trade college and when we got to jQuery, we literally copy pasted it.
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    @atheist I feel like I would piss off cs devs because I wanted a programming job and was tired of doing controls engineering work. So I just decided to change my resume to emphasize programming. I just woke up one day and said, "I want to do software development." 5 years later I am not sure it was good idea. I have learned more about C++ than I ever knew before though.
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    @Demolishun are you sure at least now?
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