Story, only read this if you feel like wasting your time

Ok so I live in a small village and it takes around 15 minutes to get to the next city by car. I can't drive yet because I am 15 and so I would need my parents to drive me there. There are also no buses anymore which drive to the city after 2pm.

Most of my friends live in that city, none of them code. We always meet on a discord server and then play games or do some other shit. Today I got online at around 3pm and when I joined the discord server they asked me if I wanted to go see the movie 'IT' with them tonight, I said yeah of course (I am a huge fan of horror movies), but only if my parents come home early enough to drive me there.
Time passed and then my last friend left the discord server because he had to walk to the cinema.
I was the last one still on the server and also the one with the farest way to the cinema. I already knew that my parents wouldn't come home in time anymore and so I decided to just start coding something. I usually code while listening to some music and so I switched over to spotify to choose a playlist. I just randomly clicked on the first playlist spotify recommended me and the song started playing: 'Sound of silence'.

Fuck you spotify algorithm.

I know that not being able to go to the cinema with your friends is a fucking stupid reason to be sad but I just feel very sad right now. Sitting alone in my dark room staring at my computer screen.

Sorry for wasting your time

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    I understand how you feel.
    Though, sitting alone isn't boring or bad at all. You can sit on your bed, lights off, coffee nearby, with a blanket and watch the movie.
    As a matter of fact, you can watch as many movies as you want, and you din't have to compromise either.
    You laugh, scream, and cry while watchimg all you want, and no one can't judge or get annoyed because they aren't around.
    You can have all the snacks you want while watching, it will be fun. :)
    You don't need friends to enjoy yourself.
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    @Michelle yeah, I understand what you mean and I also enjoy time alone but right now I just feel kinda 'excluded'

    I saw the website you made, it looks really nice :)
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    They weren't going to have any fun anyway, since the gold of the group is stuck at home.

    Thanks :).
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    @Michelle haha, thank you very much for calling me 'gold',
    you are the same :)
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    @Michelle one of my friends just wrote me that they weren't allowed to see the movie because it was rated 16+ and they are all 15 xD
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    Ha! So you didn't miss out on anything after all!
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    @Michelle yeah, still thank you for your nice comments, they really cheered me up :D
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    I'm glad it did!
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    @404response Haha serves then damn right!
    @michelle you are a very sweet person!
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    @linuxxx haha yeah,

    she really is very nice, we already talked a bit on my 600+ comments rant
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    @404response O.o it's a devranter?
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    @linuxxx i don' get what you mean? 😅
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    @404response @linuxxx you both are talking about @Michelle
    Just to help clarify lol

    @Michelle you're a super sweet person.
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    @linuxxx ah yeah, Michelle is
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    Ahh, thanks :).
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    I also used to live pretty far from most of my friends, and didn't have public transport near either. I lost a ton of friends just because we couldn't get together. The worst is that my parents used everything as an excuse to fight each other. So whenever I needed a lift, they would endlessly fight, then whomever gave me the ride, scorched me for not driving or not going by myself (I was fucking 13).

    It came to a point I didn't even want to hang out with friends anymore, I just played videogames all day after school. It was cool but at the same moment I felt depressed, as I couldn't do what all the kids were doing. Suddenly I became the weirdo at school. I can't say I was bullied, and I did hang out with kids during breaks, but I wasn't able to socialise with them well. I just didn't know what to say in any social context. I always ended up saying stupid stuff that creeped everyone out.

    It sucks to be there. Good thing we have technology now.
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