Probably the most JavScript line I've written in awhile

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    Why not just "new Date().getFullYear()"?
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    @kpenc i remember trying that before and it giving me some bs. And I'm sleepy; it came to mind and i thought why not? I'll change it in the morning if i remember to when my senses are intact
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    This is full retard. All of it. Never go full retard 🤣
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    Well good thing 'all of it' is only one meaningful line 😂. But it's actually pretty easy when you're tired and practically forcing yourself to finish the footer at least
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    This is correct. No reason (that I see) why it shouldnt work
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    @kpenc guess I was just imagining things. The simple way works; maybe my subconscious wanted to be convoluted for kicks.
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    because (new Date()).getFullYear() was too damn complicated
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    @Mayhem93 it wasn't JavaScript enough, that's why 😂😂. Don't worry, my brain is back and i changed it this morning. I literally posted it as soon as I wrote it in my drunkedness (the one that comes from exhaustion/boredom)
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    LOL - I was going to refer you to a rant where I over complicated some JS, then found out you had commented on it!


    You weren't lying for sure
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    @Hedgepig 😂😂😂 I remember that. Ain 't life hilarious sometimes?
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