So... I've seen my dad talking a lot about quantum computers, and it's getting quite embarrassing to be there when he talks about them. He doesn't understand shit about them, except that they somehow use quantum mechanics for something.

Last week my uncle from Spain visited us. He's a Cristian pastor, and a cool guy, so they always talk about god and similar themes. We gathered the family to have a dinner with my uncle as he only was going to be one day with us. This is how part of the dinner went by:

" so, <Uncle's name>, have you heard about quantum computers?"

me thinking:*Oh my God. Please not again... *

"The nasa, the US government and all kinds of powerful entities are getting the quantum computer."

He always talks about THE quantum computer as if it was just one big machine.

"They have found that multiple universes exist through it. If this is what they are telling us, imagine how far they've gone. Remember that technology is always 8 years ahead of actual public technology."

Me:*please dad, stop. Who the fuck is made that claim and how many fucking years ago?*

"Did you know that many people remember that Mandela died in prison, while in the oficial version, he died after it? They must be messing with multiple universes, or multiple timelines are getting intertwined."

Me: *please, not the mandela effect again*

Then my dad procceded to talk about multiverses and how THE quantum computer was the future and about some parts of the Bible that supported it. Bizarre, I know.

When we are alone, I always try to tell him how things actually work but he always twists my claims to support his. Last time I told him that the mandela effect was perfectly explainable by psychological phenomena around forgotten memories. But this is going to far... Fuck the guys that made zeitgeist. Fuck Alex Jones. Fuck random youtube conspiracy channels. They make technology look like fucking magic for muggles.

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    I would tell him I am building an app to connect to quantum computers so that I can read emails from the future
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    @Torbuntu Damn, I am changing my title! In addition, and going to start using arcane terminology to refer to what I am doing!
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    @Torbuntu Indeed we are.
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    @Torbuntu yeah. The difference is that magic is limited by imagination and technology is limited by knowledge. That's my problem here: my dad is apparently confusing imagination with knowledge.
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    @Torbuntu I'm not saying imagination isn't important at all. What I'm implying is that Imagination isn't enough for technology, you NEED the knowledge to, at least, understand it. You can imagine a ton of things: from teleporting spacecrafts to shrinking pills, but the barrier lies in knowledge.

    I still get your point. Words are words, and it looks like we are both looking at magic and technology from different perspectives, thus having different positions.
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    @Torbuntu yeah, I guess ☺️
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    @Torbuntu well put. I always liked the quote, not sure who coined it but it goes something like this.

    Magic is just science we don't understand.
    -"to lazy to Google reference"
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    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. -Arthur C. Clarke
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    I'll just leave this here..
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    @spacem what a fucking good read. I used to hate these comics but this one was really funny. I still find them pretentous though. But funny.
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