We are developing a single page APPLICATION which will be embeded into another single page APPLICATION using iframes (!?!?!?!). The embedded SINGLE PAGE application has POPUPS (browser instances, not UI popups) opened. Every app contains at least 75% of the other apps and they do not share common code. Everything in IE11 and ng4.

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    You owe it to humanity to destroy that code repository
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    Who's idea was this? 😂
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    Just throw in seven or eight different versions of jQuery for the lulz.
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    Some time ago seen and needed to debug a survey solution that had stuff runing accros 4 iframes, they were wondering why does it crash on ie when included to our website.. So yeah i know how you feel 😏
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    @practiseSafeHex unfortunately there will be serious consiquences if i do that. If it makes you feel better, I quit last week (read my other rant)

    @Olverine let me tell you the funny thing: we are re-writing from scratch an app which was under development using ng1 and had the same architecture more or less. The problem is that the infrastructure and the requirements are forcing us to do this.
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    @c2wiki You just cracked me up!
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    @c2wiki i tell you mate, they wanted to use bootstrap 4 alpha version. So yeah... jQuery really sounds a good ideea.
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    Kill it before it lays eggs!
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    It's been too long since I heard about iframes...I feel like Gandalf in Moria.
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