The management brought some devs from another outsourcing company into our project to overcome the fact that we, the existing developers, are retarded. We are retarded because they change the scope continously (aka daily) and we can’t keep track with their requests. They want something and after we implement it, they want it changed. Completely.

Instead of getting the project and deep dive into it using the materials (setup, architecture etc.) I prepared along the way, their PM said that we have to make some low level knowledge transfer. This knowledge transfer session happened on Friday.

The presenters were me and one of my colleagues. After 2 hours of training, we found out that the supposed senior devs don’t know how to use GIT, they don’t have a clue about Spring nor Angular (nor any SPA framework), their only questions were ‘why didn’t you use X?’ (where X = bootstrap, jQuery etc.) etc.

What is even funnier: during the presentation we were asked to keep a screen sharing opened during working hours for a couple of days just so the new devs could see how we are working.

Guess what happened with the scope on Friday evening: it changed again because ‘you got new devs so there will be multiple resources to handle tasks’.

2 more weeks and i’m out of there...

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    I've been in your situation, it suck though. Thanks God I already quit, hope you'll survive bro 😅
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    Just quit from there. I believe you can get better Dev job outside.
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    To be honest what I really don't like is getting lectures from someone else including my teachers as well (someone who don't understand what they are suppose to teach and how). I was home most of the time in my collage days, either preparing my self or wasting my time on TV series. And if I was in your position I would've punched the coding out of them as well as your PM.
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    @dprimax Last time this happened led the project to redirect to a indian news website. It took 6 months to close. Funny or not: the same company (~100k employees) took over both projects.
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    @Wandi Already quit 2 weeks ago. I have other 2 weeks of staying here.
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    @aitkotw I’m tired of stuff like this (read my first rant).
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    ya why didn't you use bootstrap -.-

    Hope your survive those two weeks and good luck on your next adventure :)
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