Just got a new TV, 4K... it’s one of those smart ones, by Samsung.

Anyone want to explain what the fuck “McAfee Security for TV” is, and why the fuck it is necessary!?

What kind, of absolute waster madman goes “I know what I’ma do today, write a virus for a tv”!?

Take that shit elsewhere McAfee.

Now accepting any links to known Smart TV 0-days and attacks...

And I had to sign in to 5 different fucking accounts to get to the fucking tv.

The world is broke as fuck. Roll on the apocalypse.

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    Samsung Smart TVs are android though? (don't have one)
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    It was completely your decision, theres millions of TVs that don't have that or have an even cheaper version of same model just without the "smart". Theres tons of things that are happening with smart TVs, most interesting was that those can be hacked over radio/wireless from a range of 10km~ and then turned into a fully accessible microphone+webcam, have fun 👋
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    @theuser possibly newer ones. I know sony is. I think Samsung is still their modified android vs Sony bring AndroidTV
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    @JoshBent it was an optional work benefit, I’m not complaining... just curious about what the fuck mcafee are doing on my tv.

    The smart thing and sign ins is just a sign I’m getting
    Old 😂
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    @jamescodesthing McAfee's on fucking everything though. They will probably make a toaster version once toasters get connected to the internet
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    @theuser it’s something called Tizen, apparently Linux based.

    Honestly, I’m not too sure myself.

    @QueenMorgana thanks for the help there, I’m honestly not up to speed on what’s going on
    In the tv world nowadays... it’s one of those things I’d rather not have to think about 😂

    This fucker better not be too smart too ngl. They already fucked the UI with their typing suggestions thing.

    It’s a 4-directional arrow controller...when you type a letter, bubbles pop up over the arrows for the next character in the top 4 suggested words (if they’re different)...

    What that leads to, is typing on a screen keyboard, with a 4 directional arrow pad, but having to press the first arrow in the direction you were going twice...

    I wish Samsung learned from TouchWiz, that very few people like their UIs.
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    Samsung's smart TVs are 99% based on Android
    Who the f.. installs McAfee on Android!?
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    @theuser ahhh you ain’t wrong son, I’m waiting to find out that this mcafee copy is like Virus Shield was on android 😂

    God I hope I don’t have to antivirus my toaster in the future.
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    @jamescodesthing yeah, it's Tizen. Same as their watches. I got a Logitech keyboard for my tv so I don't have to use remotes for searching at all 😂 I'm lazy like that
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    @HAlex evil bastards brother, evil bastards. McAfee should be ashamed.

    @QueenMorgana you’re not the only one, I’ll be getting a keyboard on this thing...

    There’s an accompanying app, so far it’s as good as a replacement for the remote... doesn’t really seem to do much else. I’m hoping it does what the Apple TV does and allows you to use the phone keyboard for input cause at least that’s quicker, but I’ve not checked yet.

    Will report back. But fuck TVs done did changed.
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    Nope, the accompanying app is as good as the remote and no better...

    Fuck it, I have those smart light bulbs too, I can lay on my sofa and turn the lights on and off and the tv without having to look for a remote... wonderful age we live in.

    Now if I could just get a hold of one of those smart toasters being advertised at me earlier, put mcafee on it then I’m pretty sure I could wall-e out.
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    @HAlex Usually it's pre-installed as bloatware on android devices, especially on huawei tablets.
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    Don't have links right now but yeah there's malware for smart tv's. The CIA even has a program dedicated to hacking Samsung smart tv's.
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    @dontbeevil yeah that’s just it. The kind of targeted attack that I don’t see mcafee actually being able to deal with too.

    @JoshBent preinstalled AV just makes me think that the company has no ability to secure their own product.

    You have to have significantly fucked up to make ASOP insecure. (Don’t worry, I know people do).

    @linuxxx that’s alright Bossman, thanks for the heads up. I’ll google it for myself.

    If the CIA has it then everyone has it, I’m guessing it was in that leak?

    Thing is, if everyone has it, it’s either only used for targeted attacks, or that McAfee is really damn good 😂

    I’m waiting for McAfee to actually be the CIA’s intrusion route in.
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    @nik123 to be honest man it’s a risk that I’ll find out how to flash the fucking thing 😂 I’m avoiding googling this too much, I just need a tv that tvs.

    >James, the tv won’t turn on!?
    >oh shit yeah, I bricked it trying to put 4K pong on there
    >-_- why?
    >o_O it was there... don’t worry I’ll fix it.

    Fml, pouring a little out for my broken homies... old Samsung phones hardbricked for the fuckits. They served us well.
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    @jamescodesthing it really just means that that AV company paid them to do it, thats also why candycrush is pre-installed on win10 I believe. (or did they just want to promote the winstore?)
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    Smart = antivirus enabled
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    McAfee security on a smart-TV is just marketing BS. Other than that, I realised the world has changed when I bought my Sony Bravia smart-TV and it wouldn't let me do anything, unless I connected to a network first, along with a list of available WiFi connections.
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    Enjoy your voluntary wiretap and spycam 🙁
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    @demiko Voice commands
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    @demiko many allow you to skype
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    @demiko who doesn't want a threesome with a personal NSA Agent or "4chan the hacker" 😅
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    @demiko what do you think they are expanding their datacenters for, theres too much smart TVs being sold. 😉
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    @demiko I hope they don't
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    It’s not exploded... yet 😜

    It was a company benefit: tech for cheap and paid for in bulk for savings... new tv was the only thing that looked good. So I went with it... limited options because the bennies aren’t perfect.

    I’m enjoying it though, it beats the old 1080p thing I had before 😊

    @stereo spot on brother! This is my gripe.

    At the least it would be great if they allowed sign in and sign up on phones (Spotify style) because those on screen kbs suck!

    @Ashkin nah friendo, I’ve already got an apple HomeKit security camera! 😂 I have nothing to hide, so it’s all good.

    @demiko 4K tv sex does sound interesting ngl.

    Mine doesn’t have a camera that I know of 😂 fuck I need to check the spec.
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    @jamescodesthing "nothing to hide, nothing to worry about"

    I hate very few phrases more than that one. 😐😡
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    @dontbeevil I have one of those sliding webcam blockers so I can still use it 😋
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    @dontbeevil You can write a script that does exactly that if the webcam is detected to be fully covered
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    Fair, it’s an opinion that leads me to feeling less as if the world is after me... having previously dealt with paranoid mental issues it helps me to not rip my walls apart looking for cameras.
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