How can they think that anybody falls for those ads?

Honestly. = != ==
Also: German and English mixed? Choose one, best stick to English if you want to look serious about looking for developers.
What does Job == interested even mean? The job is interested in the candidate?

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    Just another marketing intern with his 1 week web development crash course trying to be cool
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    This means that you will always be interested in job... And the if will be always true (Credits to =) and they will alert you everytime!
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    You should send them a resume with only the text 'syntax error, unexpected "-" on line 1' and nothing else.
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    Fact #1
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    Every job posting that uses pseudo language should be banned. They are so cringy. I usually avoid any job that has this.
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    if(job = interested)
    Error - This Job cannot become interesting.
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    @Mayhem93 like SO ?😂😜
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    @jalebiBhai there are no exceptions to this
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    @incognito that was what I was thinking they should have ended it with ";" and remove the "-" at least it should be valid syntax in C like languages (if Job is defined).

    It fails on many levels as is more or less the norm when muggles try to convey something to the technical adept (or hold it to reality for that matter)
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    Alert method is from JavaScript. So == would be totally fine for string comparison.
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    *Cough* sql

    But yea... It's the wrong syntax
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    lol actually I think you all falled for it, in my humble opinion its incorrect on purpose, so you write and correct them just for the heck of it and bumm, they have your email/number/contact/whatever
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    Who would ever do this?
    I will just leave them unknowingly, couldn't care less about correcting them.
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    i use === to be sure
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