Hey everyone,

Our live stream announcement and Q&A will be going live in less than 30 mins (9pm EDT)!

The event is here: https://youtu.be/Vk7TIKadYHk

We will be taking questions on the YouTube chat, feel free to ask whatever you want!

Thanks to all who tune in, hope you enjoy!

EDIT: big thanks to everyone who joined us and participated! The replay is available at the YouTube link above, and you can check out devDucks in the devRant swag store (https://swag.devrant.io) or the page we set up at http://devducks.com

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    So much yes!
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    you guys are the perfect amount of goofy and sincerity!
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    It's great session.
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    Okay, so we need to make RantCon a thing! And I can’t wait to purchase a python ducky!!

    Also, I asked about the job lol

    Edit, loved the live cast! Keep them coming.
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    Haha @dfox seems shy in the video 😁😁☺️☺️
    Amazing work though guys!! Duckys r super Uber cute! And they make sounds!!! 😍😍
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    @AnonyOps thanks for watching and thanks for the fun question!

    @okee thank you, we really appreciate it!

    @byte-me haha, thank you :)

    @github thank you!

    @hash-table :)

    @Electrux thank you and thanks for watching!
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    Well. Won't mention the questions, but 3 of my questions got answered. Seems a fruitful QnA session. 😊
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    @github awesome, thanks for the questions!
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    @dfox anytime. Keep having such QnA sessions whenever possible. Maybe you can keep it short if having a tight schedule, or like quarterly. It's fun to hang out and talk with the legends behind the creation of DevRant.. πŸ˜‰
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    awww i missed it, i was sleeping a while ago. i guess i miscalculated the time. there will be a next time right? 😁😁
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    Hey everyone, forgot to mention, the replay is available on the same event link if you missed it!

    @github definitely, we’d love to!

    @nickj we will definitely do more :)
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    Is it pronounced t-rogus or trogus? πŸ˜‚
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    I really hate that I missed this, but it was unavoidable. Sorry @dfox and @trogus. Watching the replay now! ❀️❀️❀️
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    Omg you guys are adorable...
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    @theScientist haha :)

    @MissDirection thanks, and hope you enjoyed!
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    I forgot about this.... Guess I'll finish watching later (5am ATM) but few questions.

    Whose the shadow?

    How big is that apartment... Looks big? Tour?

    Is there a Unicorn Super Duck? What do I get it I use many different languages?

    R u guys roommates? How's your got it off? I guess the creation story of devrant?

    Adobe... Photoshop, Premiere... filters... Algo.. so you write those algorithms that run on 32Gb 8 core PCs? How does that compare to the stuff you learn in college Algo class?
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    @dfox I did! And I am looking forward to seeing what you guys do in the future!
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    @billgates not sure what shadow you mean. We did the stream from Tim’s apartment. It’s pretty big - he lives there with his brother.

    Unicorn-like thingy could be good, but you can change the capes now so should be good enough for a while :)

    I don’t actually work on the Creative Cloud products - I’m pretty much all Behance.

    @MissDirection thanks!
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    @dfox finally caught it again... 15:33, left side
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