One of my ex-trainees, mid-level dev at the time of the story, from the previous job asked me and insisted to work with me and if it's possible to open a position for him at my new employer (i was a team lead). We were also somehow friends, spending a lot of time together - including our girlfriends - outside of work.

He went to the interview, passed it and he received an approx. 1500 euros salary, jumping from around 1k euros. He was very happy with it and accepted the offer.

One week before starting his new job, my manager came to me and asked: "hey what happened with X?". I was like: "what happened?". "Don't you know? He sent an SMS this morning to announce us that he doesn't want the job anymore."

I had absolutely no idea about that. The second thing that I did was to give him a call and ask him about his decision. His argue was that "my current employer made my another offer: 1550 euros". I said something like "ok, have fun".

I got back to the manager to tell him about that. He offered to make another offer of almost 2000 euros to the guy, but I refused.

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    Yeah, no, that's just petty. You did good.
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    He just used you to get a raise :/
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    @jsframework9000 He ruined a friendship for 50 euros in fact when he could just speak and get even a bigger raise. Meh...
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    Idk what to think anymore

    When I talked about being underpaid this is literally the advice given to me. I tried everything that didn't feel scummy too. Here I was coming around that all's fair when money's involved since that is how I've been treated so it must be true.

    Now I stumble upon this
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