Wait, is he.... gone?!

Yaknow, *that* guy.

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    Did someone take the bullet for the rest of us and help with his stupid project?
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    Maybe we need to call his name 3 times...
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    Apparently his accounts where deleted. It's the same story like with Qword or what was his name.. things escalate, and at some point someone able to moderate deletes the questionable account without any comments.
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    @localpost Nah, no way from these latest comments. Our noob "can't do t3d" idiot here is angrier than ever 😂
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    @badthl Yeah, that's absolutely noob work 🤣 You're nowhere near as good as you think.
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    @badthl Ahh phew, I was really worried you were working on some kind of commercial codebase I might have come across. Thank goodness it's only a hobby.

    A licensed attorney though?! Come on, you know the license you bought from the toy shop when you were 5 isn't real right? 🤣
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    Seems like at least two of his accounts were removed. Great to see some action! You can find a short list of his accounts in this rant https://devrant.com/rants/8849419/...
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    @electrineer A few more I found later:

    @ tdjvuudznh
    @ rvwlzrmbp
    @ jqbwdesjcab
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    @AlmondSauce Funny how you can still view his profile and read the deleted comments.
    He called you anti-loli like that's an insult lol.
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    @jqbwdesjcab If Old Testament God's got an issue with us, Old Testament God may come and settle it in person.
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    @jqbwdesjcab If your killing skills are as good as your coding skills and your fake attorney skills (I'm a lawyer, hoonnestttt) then I don't think anyone needs to worry 🤣
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    Nope, it's back.
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