Currently got a designer blatantly trying to discredit me 😬

Always trying to prove I don’t understand what I’m on about luckily 😏 I do

How do you handle someone like this?

She’s always bitchy on the phone

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    Well she might need some off-work attention, if you know what I mean :D
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    @olezhka not possible 😂 bit of age difference and I’m dating
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    Kill her with kindness.
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    Depending on the size of the team and stakeholders. I would let them know you see where they are coming from and then suggest for it to be discussed with a decision maker.
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    @devrocket the difficult thing is the woman has worked with them for years im new and she’s got an issue

    The so called decision maker doesn’t much care as long as it’s colourful but her pedantic attitude is stopping the launch when the software is good!

    The teams pretty small only 5 of us
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    @FitzSuperUser she may have wanted your position. When I started a front end job, the designer hated me because they had applied. It took time for them to see my value and overtime I got their approval.
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    @devrocket She’s by far no programmer she’s no we’re near specific enough but she does know other programmers and worked with them 🤔 maybe she hoped one of them would get the job
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    I was talking about this kind of crap with designers in my first rant. This is one of the reasons i left corporate life. They all think they are working for Apple, are at least product owner and are in charge of everything.

    No. Just no.

    How I dealt with such persons: one quit because nobody talked to them anymore, I escalated one of them to the higher managers for being rude with people and she was removed from the project, one of them began to have problems because of the same attitude in front of the higher managers and it’s quite possible to be removed from the project (I don’t know what will happen because the case is not closed and I won’t be in the company when that happens). There are other cases from smaller companies if you are interested.

    My ex-best friend (if it can be said like that) is a designer. Along the time he got the same attitude in his private life, reason for which we kinda broke our friendship. He was trying to control my life as well.
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    Piano wire? 😇
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    @Ashkin didn’t get that straight away 😂
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    The same way Software QA Engineers deal with devs who talk down to them and treat them as idiots: tell them to shut the fuck up and if that doesn't work, key their car after work.
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