After work I wanted to come home and work on a project. I have a few ideas for a few things I want to do, so I started a Trello board with the ideas to start mapping things out. But there were guys redoing the kitchen tile and it was noisy as fuck. So I packed up and headed to the library.

So I get all set up, and start plugging away. Currently working on a database design for a project that is a form for some user data collection for my dad, for an internal company thing. I am not contracted for this - I just know the details so I am using it as a learning exercise. Anyway...

I'm fucking about in a VM in MySQL and I feel someone behind me. So I turn and it's this girl looking over my shoulder. She asks what I am doing, and it turned into a 2 hour conversation. She is only a few years older than me (21) but she was brilliant. She (unintentionally) made me feel SO stupid with her scope of knowledge and giant brain. I learned quite a bit from talking to her and she offered to help me further, if I liked.

And she was really cute. We exchanged phone numbers...

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    Oo, and what are your plans with those precious digits?
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    Those turn into the best friendships! Or more 😊
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    I smell bullshit
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    Did you ask her if she uses Tabs or spaces?
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    S... so you’re gonna hit that right?

    Sounds lovely.
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    "A few years older than me"
    Fuck, I feel old now...
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    @hash-table saw those double curlies and immediately thought about primal ancients. God I miss gaming
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    Good luck with your project! 👍

    We learn a lot from projects than having a tutorial.
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    @AlgoRythm not sure just yet. I will give it a day before I do anything.
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    @Ashkin I hope so!
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    @marthulu sorry you feel that way.
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    @AlexDeLarge yeah none of my close friends are even into tech at all. It will be nice to even have someone to talk to (besides you guys on devRant) about this stuff
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    @marthulu that's fine. Think what you like.
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    Did you delete some comments @Marthulu? I am fine with you not believing my posts or whatever, but there's no need to delete comments.

    And no need to come down on her @hash-table. She's entitled to her opinion and wasn't being nasty about it

    And to wrap this whole thing up, I am not concerned if anyone believes me or not. None of you know if I am lying or not, and I don't know if all of you are full of shit. Welcome to the internet.
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    @MissDirection devRant hides highly downvote comments now,you can tell if she deleted them by going to her account and looking at her comments. Hidden comments will still be there, deleted ones won't.
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    @AlgoRythm ah I see. thank you.
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