The company who said i passed the interview and got the job is not sending me email from hiring department to schedule interview. They said they gonna do it. But the recruiter told me they have a high demand of interviews so i guess they dont have time to reply to me back and hire me officially? Im still waiting its been a few days.

Or is this a slow sign of these shitfucks pulling back and will ghost me or reject me for no fucking reason even after telling me i passed and got the job but now they changed their minds for no reason?

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    Try to stay relax. You can't know what's going on. Your recruiter should know if you're hired - his salary is based on it
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    Don't know honestly, but I can speak for my own experience. Working at the current customer took a red-tape period of like almost two months.
    Some onboarding processes take a long time. Depending on the company/organization you're going in.
    Like @retoor said, just be patient, no reason they would back out now since you passed their interviews.
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    In job interviews do the same. Like set a deadline for them to reply and after it you'll expect to be ghosted from the company.
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    @paradonym the salary is very high, I'd basically be a multi millionaire in my country getting paid this salary to work remotely for an american company, so its hard to fuck them off. What am i supposed to do. How can i know if they changed their mind or if i should wait and be patient? She told me these interviews can take up to 2 more weeks
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    @b2plane Just wait some more weeks and accept you're being ghosted after it.
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    @paradonym why am i ghosted if they said i passed the interview and everything was fine?
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    @b2plane I’ve had an offer that I had to wait 3 damn months for, red tape being the reason. To my surprise it eventually came. I was still applying to other places while waiting but wasn’t getting anything due to being junior at the time. But this still had a happy ending. I really hope this falls through for you, and not some cut throat recruiter or manager playing asshole games
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    @b2plane If you don't hear anything from the for a while, just ask for a status update. I'd recommend not calling them "shitfucks" in that though, otherwise they might indeed change their mind about hiring you.
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