Watched this movie called Unthinkable where the guy who is supposed to defuse the bomb is typing gibberish into Excel 😂😂😂

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    They could at least use hacker typer
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    The actual bomb is excel itself
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    Such a 1337 haxor!!
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    On their defense, it is unthinkable to use excel to defuse a bomb
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    Just imagine someone making a bomb that can be defused in excel.
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    Low budget movie where you HAVE to download ms office from torrents in order to make "hacker movies". Even though Linux is mostly free....
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    This is the grandmother of all movie fails.
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    Looks like the stuff business analysts do all day.
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    http://geektyper.com/mobile/ pls recommend to d director
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    When an accountant is forced into the field of technology.
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    You lot clearly don't know the true power of excel, one minute your making advanced spreadsheets, next your defusing bombs. The power of excel.
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    10/10 bomb defuse script
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    Don't underestimate real Excel hackers, maybe it's some kind of code? 😜
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    Focus upon the title mate . It's Unthinkable 😂
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    Maybe the bomb had already been refused and he was typing up his invoice?😉
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    sudo apt install cmatrix && cmatrix
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    From the same movie i saw someone talking on Skype while the laptop taskbar showed that it was offline and not connected to any network 😂😂😂😂
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    Unthinkable indeed!
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    I love the typing speed though, his know exactly where to go without glancing at the keys
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    He did the ... wait for it ... unthinkable!
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    just imagine a bomb that can ONLY be defused by typing ONLY the "correct" gibberish in the unique particular cells or else all hell let loose
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