First semester tutorials are fun (spoiler they can be frustrating).

Today my University held an entry level tutorial for LaTeX, which I had already visited a year ago and offered to help and boy ohh boy was that painful. For your information all of these students want to study computer science.

From around 50 people there was only one person who used Linux and I thought "Well at least one".

I was even more impressed as the other tutors asked me to help her because she used Manjaro (also the distribution I use).

As i helped her installing texstudio (the software presented) I needed her to enter the root (?) password and she answered "Which password, it's the laptop of my sister, I thought the laptop had windows installed".

Everything worked out fine but this was only the beginning.

After an hour came the first exercise in which the students had to build a simple document and for everyone who doesn't know LaTeX, it's a markdown language which heavily relies on \ and {}.

And there laid the other most common problem, some Mac users didn't even know how to write a \ or {}.

At least I had some fun helping them but if you want to study computer science you should be able to know how to write some of the most common symbols in programming languages.

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