A request to all of you posting these feel-good rants about your past teachers.

Maybe shoot them a message to tell them how much you appreciated them, teaching is a very rough and thankless job for the most part.

It's funny how much it meant to some of my past teachers...

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    I had the pleasure of bumping into one of mine again recently. He had been a tutor of mine in my first year of uni... good guy, had a kid on the way at the time, knew what he was talking about and could see the failings of his department.

    I got to thank him personally.

    It was awesome. dude has 2 kids now, heads that department and has done good work to fix it.

    I’m now successfully earning in a company that works with the uni now and then, I’d like it to be more.

    Basically wonderful to see that he’s still doing well.
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    Very nice idea!
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    I see dump people.
    They’re everywhere.
    Worst of all...
    ...some of them work in my office!
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    *low radiation*
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