Know what really grinds my gears?

People who refer to "ajax" as though it's a separate programming language, instead of what it is, which is an old shitty method in an old shitty library. What I do enjoy is people thinking it's dish soap. That will *never* not be funny to me.


1. *generic job description*...5 years experience. Desired skills: HTML, Foundation, PHP, Ajax, Fortran, Assembly, Tagalog, smoke signals.

2. Someone in "marketing": "Do you know Ajax?"

3. Jackass in a coffee shop who uses moustache wax: "I'm an ajax programmer. Yeah I've heard of [any recent band], like twenty years ago. They suck."

Go die, and take ajax with you.

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    You remind me of someone who tells me:
    You need Ajax request in your app (java written android app) to auto refresh data.
    Life is just wonderful :)
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    I've seen people put php files in a js/ajax path.

    They called it an api.

    Btw in the Danish version of roadrunner, Acme is literally translated as Ajax.
    ^gets me every time.
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