That sad sad moment you spot someone returning HTML in an ajax request 🥺

Why lord must you punish me?

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    oof single quotes aren't allowed in well formed json
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    Oh, for the days when I could actually read a webpage without running any frigging JavaScript.
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    Aren't a lot of ajax requests returning xml? This seems like a stupid ignorant cartoon. What a request returns is really up to the dev of the system. Yes json is convenient, but it doesn't have support for some data types and may not represent what you want efficiently.
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    @Demolishun yea back when ajax first came to be a thing. That went to JSON with structured data as it was easier to work with and you let the front end parse and build the necessary container.
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    Kids, that’s what we used to do in 2005. We sent html embedded in XML inside a Json response. Sometimes there was even a javascript inside the html fragment.
    Fuck JSF.
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    Why sad? This is a great opportunity to show this retarded dumbass how fucking cool and progressive you are, maybe you can even use it as a pretext to slap this bastard.


    you obviously have never worked with CMSs which content can contain html created by the end users.
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    Without any information on the context this rant is quite arrogant.

    In some cases It's totally ok to use HTML within JSON.
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    @TechNomad this isn't about a cms with embedded HTML for rich text areas. Those cases can't be avoided.

    This is about changing a hard coded element from the front end pushing it to the server side and then bringing it back as it was without changing anything beyond strapping a xhttp.open() into the JS and adding a getElementById().innerHTML(response)

    Which is exactly what is happening in this image.
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    I understand. I just don't think this is something worth a meme and make fun of those people. Once we all were noobs.
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    @TechNomad pffff, maybe *you* were a noob once, definitely not me!
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    You made my COBOL dinosaur cry with this joke 🦕
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