The only thing I am good at lol 😂

Credit : Programming Geeks Facebook group

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    Good luck debugging that :3
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    I have so much ideas... It is never goint to code them all...
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    Meh. Articles like that are almost always some B.S. about how it wrote one line of code
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    *AI fed with huge amounts of databases on depraceted docs, unhelpful SO QAs*

    *Realises it's not worth the hassle*

    *Leaves Earth*
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    Ai programmer
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    They still need someone to fix the ai if it's broken (this always be)
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    @godot or we got terminator hehehe
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    @SpencerBeige that's what drivers used to say ;)
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    It's a start. The journey is still there and believe me it's a hard one.
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