Which keyboard for programming?

Chiclet or mechanical ?

Sorry, I don't want to start a debate but, always preferred laptop keyboard, and now getting a workstation(gonna do programming on that)

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    As long as it's not a shitty keyboard without a num pad or with weird button layout, any will do.
    But I will soon switch to a mechanical keyboard simply because it gives me pleasure to type on one. Not that it makes me faster, more correct or whatever (or maybe it does, who knows)
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    I agree with @AndSoWeCode.

    Although IMO I actually do less mistakes because I can actually feel and hear the keys I've pressed. And for passwords, i know if I pressed the key once or twice.
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    Had mechanical since my first interaction with computer until last year, I shifted to laptop full time but I kind of like it more as I've developed the pace over it, some might say they type faster on mechanical, but ultimately they are still slower then those who use Chiclet. I wouldn't want to shift to mechanical full-time unless I keep it for geeky use with RPi or for a display.
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    Mechanical all the way. I've rarely typed on a laptop with a nice keyboard, and usually it only feels somewhat nice because the keys are a bit clicky.
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    I really like mechanical keyboards, not only because I prefer the way to type, but also because if something is broken you just need to replace one switch. Furthermore cleanup is the best experience out of all keyboards I had so far, especially compared to rubberdomes.
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    I got a planck and it's awesome to type on it. It has much less keys than a regular keyboard, what many people dislike, but personally I prefer it because I don't need to move my fingers away from the home row and I had no problems memorizing the layout of the 'layers', on which the missing keys are hidden. Would always recommend! And as a bonus, you get to build it yourself 😄
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    To be honest other than laptops keyboard I find Apple keyboard to be soooo comfortable programming on it of course the one with numpad only the other one is painfully small
    But yet it comes at a high price, I'm using the one without numpad since Apple doesn't bother including the numpad version with an iMac and I can't tell boss to throw 100$ on a new keyboard
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    @gitpush, @kabhishek I am feeling the same, not a fan of key stroke travel length or whatever it is called. Thinking that I would go for similar keyboard. I like my hp laptop keyboard a lot (it's nearly a copy of macbook one)

    Can you suggest any keyboards ? ( Obviously with numpad)
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    @K4R70FF3L thanks, I checked it out, great product.!

    But just that its layout is a bit different, and considering, I work on 4 different pc(1 workstation and 3 laptops) switching between layouts would be an issue for me!
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    @prajankya The only ones I can think of are too damn expensive for a keyboard, I know MS, Apple keyboards are great and comfortable, but their price is just too much
    You need to do some search I'm guessing :S
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    @gitpush thanks, will check
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    Nearly done (not the actual desk, its a test run)
    The keyboard mouse cane with the workstation..

    Still searching for good Chiclet keyboard
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    Mechanical keyboards are the way to go, if you're in the market for a *nice* keyboard. They're built for heavy usage, and will spare your hands a lot of fatigue during long periods of use. They feel awesome to use.

    You'll see stuff in descriptions like mx blues, cherry, browns, etc. These are the actual switch types/colors beneath the keys.

    Common switch types are browns and reds, but I prefer blues or greens, for whatever that's worth. They feel like they have a little more tension to them, particularly the greens. Newegg usually has some good ones to choose from.
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    I'm late to the discussion, but I like mechanical best. I can hear and feel the buttons and have to use some force to press them down which prevents mistakes.
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    @prajankya yes, i feel same with hp keyboard , i like coding in chiclet/island-style keyboard, less distance and energy.
    but palm resting area getting hot ,so planning to by chiclet keyboard.any suggestions
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