So I just realized I removed the windows partition, before today I had dual boot Linux and windows, but today I was trying to add another distro so I could tri boot and now I lost 50% of my school work

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    No cloud backups?
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    How I would see me... I got too same I have Linux and Windows on school laptop... @Snatchedd Do you think I should backup data? Or I can only save data on new partition when there are no OS?
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    @irene Yes that is great idea I will do it tomorrow...
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    And how I find out on which partiton is Linux ?
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    I'm using a private remote git repo for school stuff. Its (nearly) impossible that I loose all that shit because I accidentally reformat my disk (which actually is common for me). I can really recommend it to you. You can also roll back some versions but I guess you know that
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    mhm understand
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    Seems to me like you just learned a valuable lesson.

    It's just school stuff - so the world won't end.

    Imagine you where that guy: https://google.de/amp/s/...
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    @irene Only different partitions? I use different physical drives for different stuff :D
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    @irene Being on a separate partition is a bad form of backup. If the disk goes, you'll lose your backup partition too. All backs up should be kept on a completely separate disk (or cloud)
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