A few days ago someone posted a pic of an ESP8266 microcontroller, so it reminded me that I have one of those lying around with a board with a screen I built during summer, so I thought, why not making a devrant reader, and so here it is:

For now it can only read rants, posting is coming soon, the software keyboard is already implemented

We call it the thing (Accrocchio in italian)

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    @LeFlawk thanks, if you wouldn't have commented I'd have never found out it was a portrait size photo squashed down for the thumbnail.
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    howd you hook up internet tho, i only found bluetooth modules
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    @BindView he is using an esp8266 which is a really cheap microcontroller with wifi capabilities. You can use it as a standalone device or hook it up to an arduino for wifi integration in your projects :P
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    Wireless stuff is handled by it's libraries, i just wrote the code to show rants.
    Since the microcontroller has just 128Kb of ram parsing the JSON on it would be hard , most of the job is done through a server running on my pc that downloads rants and serves them as plaintext. The code on the esp just downloads a rant by index and shows the text.
    Actually there is a JSON parser library, i already used that once to get google search results but i think Devrant api's response is too big.
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