Password requirements these days :|

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    not to forget those special characters, like the math multiplication symbol, it can be a star ;)
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    this is the difference between IT secure password and actually secure password.

    It can be all lowercase simple words as long as it's long


    is thousands of times more secure than

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    And then after all that, they ask for the social engineering bait "security questions" which do not even remotely help make things more secure... :-(
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    Password are death use 2 factor autenticacion
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    I need help! Can someone tell me how to set up a preg_match for gang signs?
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    alpha-foxtrot-unipornZebra :D
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    i hate web sites that signup is requirment.
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    let's put an emoji in it
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    Where the hell am I going to get the blood of a virgin in this day and age?

    Oh... wait

    *Cries in corner*
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