Let me recap everything i learned after graduating college with a computer science degree and entering the corporate world


1) College is a scam. Literally NOBODY EVER asked me on ANY interviews if i have a degree and if i had graduated university. Nobody cares. They treat me as if im a slave clown who didnt finish any school and thats how they view and treat everyone

2) By having a computer science degree, i do NOT have a privilege of getting hired, I do NOT have a privilege of getting more interviews, i do NOT get a privilege of having a higher salary, i do NOT get ANY benefits or privilege other than wasted time and brainwash.

3) Literally a senior technical software engineer told me on a technical interview "college is not meant to teach you anything useful or valuable, college is there just to teach you how to learn"

The FUCK? I was extremely shellshocked when i heard him tell me that in my face. I was in disbelief and too stunned to speak. if somebody told me that truth before i started college i would have never started college. I can do that on my own for free

4) I have applied to over 100s of interviews and nobody wanted to hire. Everyone wants a Google-Level Senior engineer in 2023 with 50+ years of experience and then pay him 600$ a month.

5) What is happening in this corporate world is absolutely fucking disgusting, sickening and immoral. This is no different than 1800s slavery. This is how modern day slavery looks like. And even when i accept working for 600$ a month i can barely afford to pay to live. I'd get like 50$ leftover every month if im lucky. This is SICKENING

6) "Engineering will make you rich" is a BULLSHIT saying that our parents and friends say. It is FAR from making you rich. You only get "rich" (but slave level rich) once you turn 40-50 years old. Is that success to you?

7) Engineering is so saturated that nobody appreciates this hard work anymore. You're a slave and you have to compete with other slaves by telling your master (employer) that you'll work for slave salary AND you'll work 10x more in exchange to earn 20x less. This is IMMORAL and DISGUSTING

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    the moment i read college is a scam, i knew it was b2.

    2) is true, for a bachelors degree (or similar), for some jobs you benefit from the connections you made in university though (tech lead for example)

    somewhat agree to 3), but what it does is not quite correct. It prepares you to research and advance tech, not prepare you to work. However learning how to learn is part of it.

    4) yeah you need to know a lot nowadays, it's almost easier to just freelance (minus the beraucracy)

    6) was true decades ago. But nowadays you need to find your niche. Usually the people who say that are same ones, who worked for 7USD/h somewhere and owned a house back then.

    7) turn it around, you'd be surprised how well that works.
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    @thebiochemic i think the reason i cant find a job for months is because i demand salary in direct proportion to the work i have to provide. But businesses want slaves, not fairness. So they reject me and hire panjeet who accepted to work for 89 rupees a month
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    I am afraid you, as a fresh college graduate, will have to accept whatever best you have got so far. You will have to work like a slave for a few years before you become much more competent and then you stand a nice chance to demand for better work and decent pay

    And that interviewer wasn't fully wrong

    I wish you the best. I hope you will find a job that may not look attractive enough now but something that will propel your career sooner or later. God bless you and all of us 🙏
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    Just become a doctor bruh
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    @Nanos do you think slaves labor is justified and moral in any country?@asgs
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    @b2plane no. Not justified. Neither is rape nor murder
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    1 and 3) we've told you maaaaany times before. University isn't meant to teach you your actual work. It is actually there to teach you how to keep learning, as your interviewer also pointed out. If anyone is the scammer here, it's you for believing it was gonna be walking out of university into a 6 figure job.

    2) Of course you don't get any privilege. You *must* be better than other candidates, that's what the whole process is about.

    4) Of course companies will push for the best candidate for the least money. The interview is there to prove to them that you will actually generate more value for them than you cost.

    5) You are a fresh graduate. No one went into a 6 figure job right from the get-go. You start where you can, build experience, and move up the ladder.

    6) As long as laws about minimum wage as such are respected, nothing illegal there. By your own admission you can live by with that amount even if you don't have much left over. Sucks, but that's where most start.
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    7) it matters not whether it's saturated.

    As mentioned previously you simply need to be better than the other candidates.

    And then again, maybe also research market rates in your area... I mean, I see you asking for quite high salaries when you yourself admit that you will learn the skills required on the job (which mind you, you always gotta learn in the job, but you need a base first -hint, that's where university plays in-)

    Perhaps you overvalue your worth as a dev, and the market is trying to tell you.

    If the market rate in your area doesn't satisfy you, easy. You know English, that opens a big part of the world to you. Move somewhere better, but again, do not expect to move into a 6 figure job instantly.

    If you keep thinking that's gonna happen, you are in for lots of frustration.
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    @CoreFusionX on tiktok loads of shitheads post videos how they just graduated in san francisco new york bay area etc and immediately earn 157,000$ a year with less than 1 year of experience. How is that fucking fair. I dont care if they live in expensive cities. They still get paid 6 figures which i will never experience even for 30 years working in this industry
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    And you haven't yet noticed TikTok, just like Instagram, is only for posing? People from the ivy league are set up from the moment they are born, but that happens everywhere, not just in IT.

    And you can perfectly get 6 figures in Europe, you just need to be significantly better than your run off the mill dev.
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    Collage is a scam

    For the rest of it - git gud
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    Learning to learn is a useful skill. Understanding comp sci theory is what makes comp sci a good major for programmers. There are software dev programs that focus more on the practical side and less theory, but they are less popular bc the theory grounds you.
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    I used to work with a guy that talked about how proud he was of having gone to CMU. His professors would have been embarrassed if they'd seen what his code looked like.

    Only HR cares that you went to school.
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