Post your prescription pill box!

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    Oooeeeh, take the yellow one
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    The Red pill
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    My estrogen addiction...
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    @galena wow, you're trans too?
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    @kiki Yeop! 🏳‍⚧
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    How many of these involve hallucinatory drugs
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    @Tonnoman none. It's quetiapine, lamotrigine, fluvoxamine, atomoxetine and hydroxyzine
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    @kiki then how do you explain some of those posts you write🤨
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    @Tonnoman multiple conditions that are usually treated with those meds
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    Wow, are you a senior citizen or something? But seriously, if I could make an order soon, my 5 year old son is dying of a rare microplastic disease, and he needs a re-up with the pills you have prescribed him. Otherwise, he gets really angry and starts clawing at his skin with his sharpened fingernails and it leaves a bloody mess. The daycare place is about to kick us out so hurry!
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    @chaosesqueteam2 the amount of drugs that I would have to take to handle you on a daily basis would probably be enough kill a horse
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    Containing something that depending on the location and whether you have a prescription ranges between:
    - A-ok
    - taking your driving license
    - jail
    - execution (or hopefully just being kicked out of the country)

    Soo.. Yeah. (Ok it's just ldx, but damn traveling with that sucks, if you don't like surprises)

    And another rather spefic & expensive stuff that might just doxx me. Plus amitriptyline.

    I consider switching back to atomoxetine but I'm unsure how concerned I should be about the .. juicy sexual side effects.
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    @saucyatom no things of your concern noted while on atomoxetine.

    Wait, amitriptyline? The antidepressant of auld, cheap as dirt, mighty as a sledgehammer? If it fits you, congrats. You win.
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    @kiki Not sure about the sledgehammer part, not sure it actually does anything except numb my mouth.. (at 30mg)

    On atomoxetine: It seemed to work really well for me (and much smoother than normal stimulants), except for that side effect. Found a few other reports online, but it doesn't seem to be very common. I suppose it's time to find a good urologist..
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    @saucyatom oh, forgot about the dosage. I take 20 mg
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