Hey, I´m through with the Win10 update.
That was fast. And no problems! Everything seems to be working.

Android SDK not found...
Java not found ...
Seems all my environment variables are gone.
Even better all the standard variables are wrong too.
My Home Drive is now "H:" ?
What the hell?

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    Guess I'll reinstall the whole system now.
    With an iso that has the update included so that won't happen again...
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    @RadiatorTwo I'm afraid to update now :\
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    We have updated 4 pcs now. Mine is the only one with that problem...
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    Did you try to restore your PC ?
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    after all it's windows!
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    Just Windows things...
    Welcome and go get yourself an avatar!
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    @ViRaS Did a restore to be able to work again.
    But needs to be reinstalled none the less.
    Some day I need that update.
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    H: Home Drive
    H: Hell
    Seems fine
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    I use Clover to dual boot macOS. I know if I run the Windows update it will b0rk the partition numbers.

    I’ll wait for things to settle down and a nice workaround is figured out.
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