Girlfriend (she has little idea of tech) was asking if I could fix her notebooks wifi.

I didn't answer that for a week.

Yesterday she really needed wifi, so she went to google and followed several posts - until she managed find the problem and to reinstall her wifi driver for the first time! She was so proud of herself.

I hope I'll never forget that grin of her - full of triumph!

I couldn't be more proud of her myself

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    Please have the decency to respond, next time. And tell the person why you don't do it.
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    so… you're a dev… you don't respond to your girlfriend for a week…
    throw new LiarLiarPantsOnFireException(" unrealistic relationship status");
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    considering i've never had to do that, she should get a trophy
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    @plusgut @Lahsen2016 @calmyourtities ok, the rant turned out more shitty than I wanted oops. Actually she is not mad at me at all. We both had a tough week and did not see us until today evening where we had dinner (it was great btw ;) so we both were short on communication.

    @plusgut with not responding I meant "Sorry, no time" :)

    @calmyourtities with a long relationship comes a long... buffer of course! What were you thinking?
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    @justwellbrock I like how you turned this from slightly looking like an asshole into something positive! (with that last comment)
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    My wife has been asking me to look at her WORKS laptop for nearly a year. It runs slow and is crap to work on, on account of being cheap. It has a long battery life though...

    I cannot fix that which was born broken...
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    @cervantes01 welcome and have your first upvote!
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    @calmyourtities btw your username turns my last statement in somewhat really funny to me 🤣

    @linuxxx I think that's how I work in general 😅 it's like the first sentence in my user Manuel "beware:..."
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