Web dev prob:

When you modify a code then refresh your browser, It doesn't change anything and you think your code has the problem, Modifies 100+ lines and refreshed the page, still nothing happens. Asked someone about it, Fix? Fucking cache! Fuck you google chrome!

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    Chrome is more relaxed if you append time stamps to the js / css files that are cached

    I’ve found “main.js?t=23354”
    Works well

    The int being the last modified time stamp of the included file

    Your profile suggests you do php, look at filectime()
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    Or just disable cache when dev tools are open.
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    http://shouldiblamecaching.com is a good guide when to blame caching for a problem if your a web dev ;)
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    Thank you guys! Just learned php this month and your comments really helped me big time! 😀
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    Gotta watch out for that pesky cache
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    Go home cache you're drunk hahaha
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    Relate much hahaha
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    Or press ctrl + F5
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    @iSwimInTheC doesn’t always clear cache.

    Time stamp / file hash , based on file changes works as the cache is used unless the file changes, chrome sees it as a different file request
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    Yes just like @JohnDoesNot says: open your dev console (you're developing anyways, right?) and disable cache on network tab, problem gone. It's not only chrome by the way, other browsers cache too.
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