As usual, the million-dollar question: whats the best laptop to buy for developers, in the price range up to $1,500?
I'm between a 2015 Macbook Pro, the new Dell Latitude or the Thinkpad T460 😕

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    @irene I think I was asking for a laptop, but thanks for the useless suggestion.
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    I know many people will certainly not agree...but I really think a lenovo thinkpad series laptop with an i5 CPU with 8gb ram will be a good choice.Thinkpads are still quite solid laptops.there are a few versions of the thinkpad with an i5 for less than 1500 USD,if you look on Amazon you'll find a lot of choice.I'd recommend getting one with minimum 8gb RAM and one with a good size hdd.if you can upgrade it your self then install an ssd.
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    I used to be very anti Apple, but after working with my MacBook for 6 months I can't see going back. I have a Windows / Linux desktop but for work I always suggest a MacBook now.
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    @unity yeah, thanks for the advice. also a linux / osx combo doesn't sound bad.
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    @irene there was no anger there, but I guess it's your style to see things that don't exist, such as desktops when people ask about laptops. :)
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    Look into a razer blade.
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    I would suggest a MacBook. Before I used to buy windows laptops, until I bought my first Mac. If you miss Windows or Linux, no problem, you still have the option. I use mainly macos but for the university i sometimes need windows, so i installed windows via bootcamp.
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    @devdost I would choose MBP over any other laptops now too. Doing development work using Windows are a pain in the ass.

    I personally like MBP for a few reasons.
    - Awesome screen (Some how their screen always look so vibrant as compared to other laptops)

    - Aesthetically pleasing.

    But of course the down side is that their specs are always not the most valued for money.
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    Anything w/ 8-th Gen Intel. I'll be getting myself a Dell XPS 13 i7.
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    @OneOrZero yeah, I like the flexibility and easiness of being able to boot windows or linux from a macbook... I dont HAVE to use Windows for the moment though (thank God for that). Thanks for the suggestion.
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    @niederschlag Actually those XPS models look very interesting. However the specs look a bit disappointing, thats why Im having double thoughts
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