Ever wanted cheat codes to devRant? Well, that's weird. But here you go, I guess.

Since the avatars do not use any external assets (Such as images), all avatars are generated. To be friendly to people who want to make third-party devRant clients (such as devRantron), avatars are generated server-side, so that the assets don't need to be distributed, and third-party programmers don't need to work out rendering avatars.

But this allows you to cheat a little.

The devRant avatars API works like this: you request a really long URL from the API, specifying the IDs of each cosmetic item the user has active, and it returns a PNG file. But you don't need an auth token to generate an avatar (which makes sense), so the avatar API is essentially a sandbox you can play around with if you have the time and patience.

You can write a really good avatar previewer with this knowledge, and see your avatar with a white tiger, even if you don't have the ++s

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    Very nice, this kind of information is great to have, maybe post it somewhere?
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    But it's not a cheat if it doesn't change the actual profile tho?
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    @AlgoRythm living up to your name i see 😁
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    Thanks for sharing. I got to know about it a month back when I started to build a devrant API Wrapper in python.

    I would add another interesting fact:
    @dfox reused the rant model with slight modification to make the Collab and uses the same endpoint as rant to get a particular Collab and it's comments. So, whether you are opening up a rant or a Collab, it's using the same API.
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    @github sorry mate, been busy lately, haven't been able to contribute to the project much 😪
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    Love stuff l like this
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    @coolq no worries bro. I recently saw the gitter chats and sorry from my behalf too for not responding in time. I wasn't getting notified for the lobby activities.
    Whenever, you have time feel free to read my replies in gitter and if you have further queries, do ask me.
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    @github you're just awesome 👍
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    @coolq thanks 😊
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    Hah @AlgoRythm , cool catch man!
    I wonder if the themes are just css resources that needs to be loaded or something, then you can maybe hack out the black theme as well!

    On another note, dfox and trogus should be grateful for the P.T. 😂
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    @trogus : Smarter than me..... I should change how it works by adding oauth token.
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