Hey everyone!

This is really two things in one:
1). Asking about a good gaming laptop.
2). Follow up on a post I made a while back asking for suggestions for new programming languages to learn

So right now I have a surface pro 3 i7 256gb, it's great for development, but not so great for gaming (Overwatch).
Saw the Razer Blade Stealth and thought it looked pretty nifty. Suggestions?

Also I would like to say a big thank you to all the people who told me about some really cool new languages, like Crystal, Elixir..etc.
Thanks everyone!

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    Razer blade stealth is good,but it's more like a ultra book.. it has only igpu..
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    @sekharprudhivi Is it good enough for Overwatch?
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    @coolq yes, it's good enough for Overwatch.

    I had just upgraded from my 2 year old XMG P505 (the same laptop will find different names, like Clevo, Eurocom, System76, Sager), with a GTX970M, and up until the last moment it was good enough for pretty much everything. But of course I didn't max out the graphics anywhere (to get a stable 60fps at 1440p), and the noise was significant while playing. Still an awesome laptop, but not very good if you're traveling light.

    If you like the Razer Blade Stealth - go get it. If I were to upgrade to a laptop, I'd choose either it or an Asus with similar specs (forgot the model, Pro something whatever).
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    Razer sucks big time!

    Get yourself some extended warranty through where or how you buy!
    You might need it!

    Hopefully not, but knowing razer..
    Good luck!

    Blade stealth should actually be identical to the surface, both have no dedicated GPU, only igpu.

    And the blade is worse than a MacBook.

    Intel ires pro(Mac) Vs plain intel 530 / 630 hq bla what ever.
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    @RageBone you had an issue and now all Razer is bad? You didn't even specify the issue.

    And there are few things at that price that are worse than a Mac. Unless all you do is office work on a battery.
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    @AndSoWeCode well,

    How do I explain this the best way?

    Every brand and thing has horror stories, and people with bad experience.
    So that's basically normal.

    Mostly, it goes well, at least that's what everybody hopes.
    I hope that too for you!

    In case of Razer, there is no statistics about anything, so there is no way of figuring out what's the majority.

    Worst case while in warranty:
    Something is wrong, it takes weeks to RMA, you get it back, same problem still exists.

    Worst case out of warranty:
    You can't buy replacement parts from razer.
    You have to send it in.
    100$ cost of them looking at it, and you deciding that they are to expensive, because they said, it's the motherboard, 800 fucken dollars + tax.

    You could of cause be lucky, but if bad stuff happens, you are fucked badly.

    If you get a razer, fucken get the warranty!
    Buy through credit card, I think that makes it 2years, or not directly from razer, buy at MS store ore Amazon, or where ever else.
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    I have a RB14 from2k15, and I love it except when I hate it.

    Lidswitch is bad in Linux and you have to disable it in systemd.

    Guess what, it's a bios problem.
    you don't get bios updates.

    Oh, I forgot. You void the warranty if you open it up.
    Congrats, the screws fell out by them self, or you upgraded the Ssd, or they are dumb and just think you opened it.

    Amazing laptops but with razer, everything has a edge that can cut you badly.
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    @RageBone well that's a whole different picture you've painted now :)

    Thanks for sharing the experience.

    For me buying something means I'm committed to it. I don't pay 1 extra dime for warranty or stuff like that. I take the risk. Warranty is like insurance - they make money out of it, not you. Since I'll be lucky most of the times, I will save a lot of money on this strategy. And when I'm not lucky - it's best I just replace parts myself rather than go through the stress of fighting them over who actually is responsible for this.

    And without warranty I get the liberty to do everything myself. Warranty is like that OEM license for Windows. Sucks big time.
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    Nice, that's the way to go in my opinion, which is why I dislike Apple and razer in particular.

    And I stopped buying new, only buy broken and fix it myself.
    Sometimes I get really lucky.
    Sometimes not so much, but it's a hobby.
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    @coolq you can play..but not at max settings as it uses Intel's gpu.. and not dedicated you.. you can better specs laptop for the same price..
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    Oh crap, you were talking about the Razer Blade *STEALTH*
    No way

    Just no.

    No gaming on that.
    Starcraft remake even will be slow on that.

    Intel graphics is weak. I managed to play Kerbal Space Program only on minimum settings at a low resolution. That's how bad.
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    Dell xps
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    I personally would look at the MSI gaming line. They are affordable a d have decent specs for the price!
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    Always check the customer service coverage before buying any laptop..
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    Hmm okay, I looked at some people using it online, and it seemed to run Overwatch fine at minimum settings.
    Have you got any recommendations as to what I should get instead?

    I hear you, I've heard similar things from others too. If I go with Razer, I'll definitely consider getting a warranty.

    I've heard the XPS line is good, any personal experience?

    Does MSI sell lightweight laptops?
    That's what I liked about the Razer Blade Stealth, lightweight.

    That's why I'm asking here 😉
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    @coolq get the Razer Blade 14", it has a proper GPU.

    Or ASUS ZenBook Pro UX550VE, which is a nice, 15" laptop.

    And on the bigger side, I would suggest the Lenovo T-series or Oryx Pro from System76 - Very versatile, and can support top specs.
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    I'm not looking for a big gaming laptop. I'm looking for a lightweight (preferably below $1000) game/development Ultrabook, the word 'laptop' might be misleading here.

    Overwatch is the main game I play, so I do not need much beyond that. As long as I hit at least 60 fps lowest settings (preferably with 100% render scale), I'm fine. I'm on a bit of a budget, so I was looking for alternatives to the Razer Blade Stealth, too 😉

    I appreciate the time and effort you've put into your post too 😉
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    Okay, I wish I could edit that... That Zenbook is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for! However, the price is a bit extravagant 🤔
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    @coolq well that's the price for the specs. Unfortunately a thin laptop has a lot of limitations. It can't have regular HDD, so it has to have M.2 SSD. The fact that it's NVMe is probably overkill for you, but it doesn't add much to the price.
    It's usually the engineering required to cram all of that specs into that body.

    So you should either abandon the idea of performance in a slim factor, or up your budget.

    Unless there's something else out there that's cheaper. Which I doubt.
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    @AndSoWeCode you're probably right, I'll see how much I can spend 😂

    If it's too expensive, I'll probably get a desktop, and have the Ultrabook for on the go development instead 😉
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