I'm really tired of the comments like "Winblows" or "iShit" or "MicroShit."

Like cool. You don't like a company's product. Congratulations! You're entitled to your own opinion. But try to be less obnoxious it about it please and thanks!

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    Preach, some users are like vegans and shove their opinions down your troath.
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    You're referring specifically to Apple and Linux users... no one else feels like being a huge pussy about their stack. #fact #gocrysomewhereelse #noonecares
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    you know Microsoft was named that way after a girl make a joke about his dick.

    had to live up to my name and make that joke
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    @mykro I used to be like that but realized I was being obnoxious.
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    @codePolitics Actually, I was referring to people who are obnoxious and kinda childish with the renaming of shit. 🤷
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    @Alice that will be my dinner tonight.
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    @jhh2450 yeah, I just publicly override the original class with propaganda.
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    @codePolitics Haha, in your experience maybe :). I used to have to deal with windows fanboys all day. Like, i kept my mouth shut about Linux most of the time.

    Those fuckers couldn't stop trying to convince me to use windows.
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    Oh and I'll just keep saying winblows, I like that :)

    Feel free to say Linsux or whatsoever ;)
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    @Alice you can have what I don't finish 😀
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    @linuxxx It doesn't suck, I actually like it. Especially since I like to use sketchy sites to stream movies and sports. (Shouldn't have to pay for it, in my opinion.)

    I just dislike people who are really obnoxious with their opinion. (I guess some could argue I'm being a hypocrite right now, but I don't think I'm being extremely obnoxious 🤷). I get it's human nature to pick a side. But I just think it's childish to call things names Ike that. 🤷🤷

    As I said earlier, we all have our own opinions lol.

    (Also, I didn't include Linsux because I genuinely had never heard that one before, tbh lol.)
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    @linuxxx linsuxxx?

    (Just gonna say this is a joke)
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    Winblows, Ishit, microshit
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    this is a random comment I have no idea about
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    agree. it's not so much that they say Winblows, Linsux, iShit, etc, it's the repetitiveness of it. once you say "ew Winblows" or something similar, don't say it again in your argument. it makes you seem idiotic, close-minded and other traits that a good dev doesn't have.
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    @ctrl-alt-del This is a comment saying I like your name. 😂👏
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    Not if you work giving support.

    Some people say "I don't want to hear about winblows, or window$, or linsux and ish*t" but they deserve their critics.

    What if you work doing it support and Windows fails? blue screen of s**t?. The customers will say "it is your fault" and it is not, sheesh. The same with the other os, windows is not stable in some situations, Linsux is a mess with the gui also it is for not for the average joe, and ish*t , everything is expensive and not the premium product that it preaches.

    You don't want to complain about a defective product? then fine, but we (that we work giving support) we are enough seasoned to criticise it.
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