normal person: what's your most used emoticon?
me: );
person: aww why sad?
me: you can actually see ); in 75% of my code
person: what
me: disappears();

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    That's an emoticon not an emoji :)
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    @Michelle dammit youre right );
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    @Michelle changed it yay ty
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    @Lahsen2016 "previous decade" makes us seem so old
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    @Lahsen2016 feels like yesterday
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    The traveller?
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    The only reason you used that because you afraid of compiler errors
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    @gitpull lets travel back in time
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    @nickj to an age where booty was had on msn messenger! Right swipes and matches the things of the distant future!

    “What’s your addy?” Meant she was in to you... “wuu2” and “hbu” the tools of the trade and dickpicks non-existent because Nokia’s didn’t have cameras.

    I bet y’all had cool MySpace profiles... as a 12 year old web dev mine was the absolute nuts.
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    @jamescodesthing omg myspace now that i think of it, i put weird stuff on myspace when i was a kid 😂😂 it makes me cringe
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    @nickj don’t worry, we all did!

    I recently had mine unlocked so I could show my missus my old pictures, archive them and put it to rest.

    I had to do all of that with a gigantic cringe on my face.

    “Bulletin” - because teenagers need bulletins... the best thing you can give a teenager is a whinging platform to all of his teenage fucking friends.
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    hah here's a ++
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    To a time where we had to fap in batches waiting for the slow ass connection.
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    Mine appears to be :wq
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