A customer once wanted a button to sort a table column by name (alphabetically).
We told him, he just needed to click the column once.

The response:
C:"I still want that button!"

Just why...?

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    Just add a padded border around the text , “It’s now a button”

    I don’t do this.....much.
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    @Alice We contacted our team manager about this and he asked who it was.
    His response after we told him: "Just...just don't ask and do it, we already know this guy." 😄

    Already got 4 new "feature" requests from him this week.
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    Ja lucas jetzt tue mal nicht so als wäre das dein Problem gewesen ^^
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    @lcsghrk That is not how you raise children...

    If you need bright big colored buttons for everything, you might need adult supervision to make a phone call as well.
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    Did you tell them that you created a button to click the other button for them? Because you should. Enthusiastically. Like you just revolutionized the data sorting game.
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    Hit him with the table
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    Just give him a pointless button
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