Kotlin and mother tongue

In my mother tongue (my first language which is Kikuyu) we do not have the letter L in our alphabet thus meaning L and R to us is similar thus pronounced the same.
Then Kotlin makes life hard for devs who got a mother influence in their speech from my tribe. Was having a talk with fellow dev who is my tribe mate and we had an issue agreeing between val and var hehe.
We had to write it down to tell which is which.

Thankyou Kotlin for making my day.

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    wow this is so bad, it will cause too many misunderstandings between you guys :S
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    Bet we will work our way out
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    @gamma17 well the solution to write them down seems to be best and easiest but sometimes in sudden discussions I don't think it is a good one

    in Swift it is:
    let = val
    var = var

    I wish Kotlin did the same, as I sometimes type var instead of val lol
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    why don't just use the English language for such discussions?
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    Just say value and variable.
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    Scala also use val and var, just FYI.
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