For the past 3 days, I lose my motivation to code. Im pushing myself but I didnt work. And I dont like it!!!! 😭😭😭 fuck!!!

Anyone here can give me some advice or atleast a motivation to code? Fck!! i dont freakin like this

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    Well I am not too sure about the situation you are in, but maybe try to do something code related every day, it does not have to be code, could be documentation, could be reading, could be thinking about a problem for 15 minutes. Just try to do it daily so it becomes or stays a habit.
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    usually I get hyped up when I see what other people have created. It always makes me want to do my own stuff and bam, im motivated.
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    Don't force yourself. If you don't want to code then don't code (unless you have an obligation to someone).

    Do something else, watch a movie, play a game, go outdoors. At some point it will come back.

    Also, I find that good music usually puts me in the mood of coding since I listen to it at work so I have this association with good music and coding successes.
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    Start something small and new, stimulate that dusty brain abit
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    💰 CASH, my best motivation, always :))
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