Coz drinking milk is a skill every CS student need for his/her LinkedIn profile. Sure, the recruiter's and company's job is to make sure you are proficient milk drinker.

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    Some recruiters may write smt like: “Java backend developer with 5 years experience for hire.
    Note: The company has a milk drinking competition so you must be a dedicated milk drinker else don’t even make the effort to contact us”.
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    and riding the bicycle in the packed streets of jaipur is like beging to become roadkill 😟
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    @heyheni That indeed is a skill(or smt a very depressed person would do).
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    That's funny and what about speaking marwari? Do they really need to communicate with local language in an IT company?
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    @aitkotw If it is a language he/she decided to learn from scratch it is rather positive I guess. Even if probably not directly useful in a professional environment.
    However, if it is his/her mother tongue I don't see the point.
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