How can you be expected to develop software and monitor it whilst providing customer support. How about recruit. (2 man team)

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    - develop websites
    - Power two major websites
    - Provide support to clients
    - run my own website
    I think it's possible 😉😉
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    Hmm I have enough time meeting deadlines. Having to constantly monitor services, deploy new services etc whilst developing isn't good that's what we need an operations guy for IMHO
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    I do most of that with a small team except the team doesnt get hiring choices. And let me tell you, if we hired the right people, we wouldnt be having so many support problems...
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    Ace face we have 10 years worth of systems that all do different things, being on deadlines (which are fairly tight) doesn't really allow me to sit speaking for an hour solving problems for other people
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    @bweston I wasnt saying you should have time for any of that. But if you really do have an opportunity to bring someone your team approves of onto your team (not some rando pick by execs) then you should feel lucky that some things you feel overworked by could be resolved
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