Tired of imperative different-yet-all-the-same programing languages. What's the most awesome funcional language ever?

Bonus: sweet projects you've done in that language

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    The only language I really enjoy
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    haskell, also check out the snap framework, which makes it an actually useful daily language

    @rostopira this is getting as ridiculous as js fanboys, kotlin is not even functional
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    @BindView but...kotlin!
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    I'd say matter.
    But. Matter isn't functional.
    Any change to anything affects the entire universe.
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    Haskell, erlang, elixir or elm.
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    @Klanowicz I did actually! Was doing the basic tutorial today. From what I've gathered it seems like a very expressive language. The concept of 'everything is a process' is still a bit alien to me though...
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    I just use C and C++... more often than not, C++...
    But I write awful code...
    Proof is here:


    You may find some interesting... maybe... just... maybe 😅😅
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    I rather like Haskell. Elm is okayish too, but I'm not exactly a fan of how tightly controlled the Elm package repository is, and some stuff is a bit boilerplatey.
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    I am gonna be the troll, but... C++17 ?
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