Is there a way to dynamically change your IP address while scraping website so that you don't get blocked cojstantly

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    Try a proxy switcher...I remember a tool called multiproxy from back in the days...changed IP (proxy) on every mouse click...
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    @teganburns wait... Don't scrape.... Is there a way to get the data without scraping the website?
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    If your scraping data, and they don’t have an API, limit your requests per minute so your not seen as an abusive visitor.

    Otherwise you’ll need to get a few proxies involved and jump between them per n requests.
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    Maybe have a look at those scraping services like mozenda...

    Tip: you can scrape the mozenda tool as well, ;)
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    @trubesv if they do that will be really nice. Unfortunately they don't
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    @C0D4 I've done that before actually, the limiting part. I think now I just need to find a way to change my IP every other 10 minutes
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