What's everyone's opinion when it comes to designing modern and/or minimalistic interfaces when using blur or gradients?

I see a lot of people who are hating blur used in UI elements and a lot of people praise the 'death' of gradients, what's everyone else think of these.

I personally love using blur in UI's and do like gradients if done correctly (not 2 colour gradients)

EDIT: I mean what's your opinion on blur and gradients not which one is better :-P

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    I like blur on my iPhone and Mac... it looks quite... cool imo 😁
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    I think it's difficult to generalize the question. For me blur and gradient have totally different applications in a UI.

    To keep it minimalistic as fuck I love keeping it super flat and single-colored everywhere, but I guess that's out already...
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    Gradients are quite cool in modern design. Ofc they have to be done right, but you sound like you know your stuff.
    Blur... Can also be really cool, but it has to be subtle. Personally I think iOS and macOS are really overdoing it with all the blur, and Windows new fluent design is coming really close to that line as well... But everyone's tastes are different, so I don't know.
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    blur ftw!
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    I used to dislike gradients and have no idea where I’d put them down, until I saw this

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    @Japorized holy shit! Where has this been all this time :-D
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    @21stCenturyJoku I think the fluent design blur is overdone, adding the layer of noise just complicates the blur more than is needed, remove the noise and lower the blur radius slightly and it would be perfect imo
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    @BigMacca101 I believe CSS-Tricks shared it on their Twitter account quite some time ago, and that’s how I found it. Would never have found this on my own. This site needs moar promoting!
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    @Japorized it's awesome man
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    I like both, but now I use only flat and rounded borders elements.

    Btw, I'm the only one who uses svg for gradient backgrounds ?? :D

    Another site for gradient
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