Learning laravel. Damn this thing is cool 😃

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    Wait until you start stumbling down the rabbit hold that is the frameworks code. I love it but there are so many undocumented functions that are really helpful.
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    @Tamrael could you please share a few of these undocumented helpful functions?
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    @Tamrael thanks for the heads up :)
    For now I'm just following a tutorial series on youtube on how to build a blog in laravel.
    After all, most frameworks have some undocumented stuff, right?
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    Me too started learning laravel few days back. Thts awesome 😋
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    @zankar a little heads up. Check out "laracasts" for explanation videos. Quite a few free lessons and they are the best around.
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    @ctrlz thanks, I'll definitely check it out :)
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    @zankar don't get me wrong.i love laravel but the real power is sometimes hidden deep behind levels of abstraction. Keep using it and learn the best practices as most of them are really good and follow psr standards. Tinker with the tests and all the tools that come with laravel, it's amazing
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    @incognito I might have a list somewhere but most of the time I just look at the provider classes. if I miss a function from the docs which I think would be useful, most of the time they are there but not documented
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