I forgot my chargers for both my phone and my laptop at home 🤦‍♀
My phone is on 13% and my laptop on 35%.
I rely too much on technology ...

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    If only we could transfer battery power as well, that would be great 👍
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    and its Monday! what a great start for the week :\
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    charge your phone with your laptop.
    it's your only chance to survive.
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    @shelladdicted when I said charger I also meant the cable, at least they survived for most of the day because I didn't use the phone (because I knew the battery would drain if I would) and my laptop just has great battery life so It lasted until 15 min before I arrived home
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    Maybe in the future we can transfer coffee into power for our laptops like us 😂
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    and you still decide to use the remaining power to post it to devRant, hah! what a hero
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