Slack or Matrix/Riot.im and why?

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    Slack because the people I work with use it
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    Hey, I know a guy for that: @linuxxx
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    Matrix if you want self hosted and open source (aka, if you care about your or your business'es data), slack if you want it easy...

    But if you need a tool for teams AND want something self hosted, mattermost could be the way to go
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    @Jilano Matrix/Riot. Riot CAN (doesn't have to) be self hosted, integrates with slack and numerous other platforms, open source so can be adjusted to suit ones needs (that's done a lot) and has the same amount - if note more - features.
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    Thanks everyone.

    I'm asking because we have a discussion about chat applications coming up and while I'm more tilted towards slack I want to know both sides before going into this.

    Has any of you used either of these? Any feedback?
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    @linuxxx How is the matrix integration? Does it work well? Is it stable and nice to use or is it flaky and hacky to use?
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    @kolaente Thanks. I need to look into mattermost.
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    @Froot The crypto isn't perfect yet but except for that very stable imo
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    I know I'm a bit late to the party. Still

    @kolaente suggested mattermost. I wouldn't use it again. I don't know how things are now but we've used it about a year ago and the apps where just fucking unusable. Besides that it was nice and also very easy to write bots for it.

    Currently we use rocket.chat it's apps are okay and the chat is pretty awesome. Oh did I mention open source and e2e?
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