Rant on me myself.

After being a professional coder (ie having a bachelor degree) for 11 years now, I finally have a decent and reasonable backup.

I use borg to backup to my raid 1, which is local, in my corridor near the ceiling. I use a Intel NUC with two external USB3 HDDs attatched. As I already had data on them, I went for a btrfs raid 1.

The second level of my backup solution is my brother. It's 50km to his flat. He's got a banana pi with my third HDD attached. I connect to his pi via VPN. The VPN is done via an AVM Fritz! Box. No ads, I just like those boxes (modem and router).
The backup is encrypted, of course.

Now, after ten years, I finally got a decent backup solution. Wow. This feels great! 😎

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