For whatever reason my Nvidia card is not showing my desktop after a reinstall. I've installed the drivers, ran the xconfig script, and even manually gone in there and edited things. It still won't boot.

This is why the state of Linux needs to get better.

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    I thought you Linux boys used only command line
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    We have to rice it somehow ;)
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    Because nvidia are dicks and you should get an AMD for Linux
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    Performance is not as good. Yeah, the Nvidia drivers suck, but it has the best performance and compatibility, so I put up with it
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    After a quick read AMD seem to be ahead of the game at the moment though. Though they seem to run hotter and louder generally
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    If you can't boot did you try "nouveau.modeset=0" in the grub boot params?
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    According to tags, he uses Arch. Any hints in the log files? The system normally tells you about the problem :)
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    Antergos. I really like Arch, but have a ton of data I would be devastated to lose
    on my /home partition, so I use Antergos.

    That said, every time I install, I have to unplug my video card, install the OS, install the nvidia drivers, and then reinstall my card...
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    Well if NVidia would fucking support Linux, that'd be great.
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