How long has this been going on and why didn't I know about it? In all cases, I just turned it on and it seems like the start of a good day.

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    I actually found out about this because some fellow ranter posted a screenshot ;D
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    I was in testing group :)
    They were testing it for about 4 months now :))))
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    Yeah... I love to watch ads on dark theme.
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    It does forget you turned it on every time though
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    I have been on the dark theme for around 6 months now
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    They finally made enough money to hire a freelance css programmer who has 5+ years of experience in programming css, especially using dark colors.

    After spending $20 on inverting a couple colors, they chose focus groups to test for 6 months, full of sweat, regrets.

    A group of css programmers were also hired to conduct several code reviews in multiple phases.

    Then they noticed the original css programmer changed the root styles and there's no way to change back to the light theme anymore.

    At that point they enlisted the help of a secretive group of frontend developers who still knew what the original colors were, and implemented a button that can change the theme... At runtime.

    After another 3 months of focus group testing we now have the dark theme. Hats off to those guys. Hats off.
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    Just use the dark mode chrome extension.. works well with most of the websites
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    The tone of the color is so dark it hurts my eyes, Twitter dark mode is better
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    Wait what?? How did I survive for so long without knowing this?
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    Since they launched that shit new redesign that removed some of my favorite features and broke my huge custom css file 😡
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    @Biggy unrelated but Biggy, as in Birgirpall?
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    @Biggy shame. Interesting username nonetheless!
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    @Dacexi yup =/

    Also destroyed my custom Greasemonkey script... It erased video recommendations based on a set of keywords. Really gonna miss that one... I just need to adjust the script but have no time for that right now =(
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    Dark reader chrome plugin. Always had youtube dark theme
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