Me at BestBuy today: Oh man, you got the got the Pixel 2 XL? This is looks good and feels good in hand. Last time I stopped by, the other guy had just the Pixel 2. Blah blah blah.. so is this running the 8.1 or 8.0?

Verizon associate at BestBuy: The 8.1

Me: oohh, you got that preview huh? *goes into system to check.. dude it's running 8.0

Verizon associate: oh really? Dang, I forgot. I'll side-load the APK.

Me: 😕😒😂 I hear you.
*At that point I lost hope in humanity*

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    Best Buy strikes again...
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    Side load the what now. After hes done i fire the eprom bios and bash the kernel
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    @MissDirection haha they was don't fail to crap me up whenever I go there. Last time, one of them said to me, "you should buy the MacBook over other laptops because they don't ever get infected". And I was like, dude it's an Operating system running in there, it can get infected. He then changes up and say, "well, they don't get infected easily". I'm like, why didn't you say that at first until I pointed out that they can also get infected? 😂🤔
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